Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Completing the Square

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Refer to pg 3 of your Lecture Notes 01 
Gerolamo Cardano (24th September 1501 -21st September 1576) was an Italian Renaissance Mathematician, physician, astrologer and gambler. He wrote more than 200 works on medicine, mathematics, physics, philosophy, religion, and music. His gambling led him to formulate elementary rules in probability, making him one of the founders of the field.

Today Gerolamo Cardano is best known for his achievements in Algebra.

Find out what he has done and share your findings with your classmates.



(a) the success and joys that you have experienced in learning Mathematics;

(b) the challenges you have experienced with the subject; and how you think you could overcome these challenges this year?

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Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Welcome to an exciting year 2013
Success comes with adequate preparation and as a start do take note of the following.

1. Know your Syllabus for 2013.
    Elementary Mathematics 4016 (SEAB site)
    Additional Mathematics 4038 (SEAB site)

2. Right Resources.
    SST Maths Notes (Sec 2 Term 1)
    Calculator (with approved SST seal)
    SST Foolscap paper and graph papers (for assignments)
    ICT Resources (Class Maths Blog, ACE Learning, graphing tools etc)
    Create a folder in your LD labelled "Math 2013" for storage of files used for Math

3. Assessment for 2013
    Term 1   Level Test 1 + Authentic Assessment         10% + 10%
    Term 2   Common Test 1                                            20%
    Term 3   Level Test 2 + Authentic Assessment         10% + 10%
    Term 4   End of Year Summative Assessment          40%
4. Diagnostic Test will be conducted as Follows:
    Beginning of new topic
       - to assess prerequisite knowledge and linkages to new knowledge
    End of topic
       - to assess level of understanding and competency

5. Daily learning and monitoring platforms
    Class work -  in the form of activities and practice questions
    Assignment - to be done on SST foolscap papers
    All classwork to be completed within designated time

6. Character is Destiny
    Your destiny should begin with your daily routines
    A.   Be Present
    B.   Listen without Prejudice
    C.   Be Socially Aware (we are after all living in a gregarious community)
    D.   Manage your impulses
    E.   Know that the choice that you have chosen has its own consequences